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We value most highly, our personal and corporate relationship with God our Father through his Son, Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

We value our corporate relationship with God, we look forward to every opportunity to join together in God-honoring and Christ centered worship. In our worship we seek to be inclusive and to recognize, celebrate, sand draw from our community’s diversity.

We value our personal and private relationship with God, made possibly by the work of Jesus Christ, we seek opportunities to worship God privately, in our daily quiet time, private prayer life, study and devotional life.​


We value sound Christian doctrine, faithful interpretation of the Christian scriptures, diligent study and reflection on matters of faith and practice. We acknowledge our Baptist heritage. We seek to interpret scripture in order to discover how to live a relevant gospel-based life in today’s constantly changing society. ​

We value ministries of service, care, compassion and love that work hand in hand with God’s mission, to share our faith and the Gospel with those who don’t yet have a relationship with Christ. We do this directly and with partners. We do this personally and corporately.

We value every opportunity to be a community of faith, a branch of the gathered church of Jesus Christ. We enjoy each other’s company, care, concern, love, prayers, challenge and nurture as we meet together in all activities. We seek o support, nurture, discipline, mentor, and encourage one another and to build each other up in our faith.

We value our leaders and recognize the ongoing need to bless and encourage them and to make their task a joy and not a burden. We recognize the need to identify, encourage, mentor, and develop new leaders for the future of God’s Kingdom.

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