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Senior's Ministry

"Elders of Splendor"
Grandma's Healing Touch
Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace
Preparing Jams
Proud Grandparents
Happy seniors raising hands
Seniors Laughing
Our Elders of Splendor believes in seniors growing in the knowledge, wisdom and grace of our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus. We guide our elders on how to continue in living a life pleasing unto God. We work towards: 
  1. Moving in the guidance and the fellowship of the holy spirit
  2. How to be a devoted follower and fisherman of Christ
  3. How to be a nurturing elder to their family 
  4. How to be a leader in their community
  5. How to be a leader at work 
  6. How to be that godly elder who God our Father created us to be through our saviour Christ Jesus and the filling of the Holy Spirit. 
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