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Women's Ministry

"Fellowship of the Virtuous Woman" 
Stressed Woman
Wedding Day
Three Generations
Happy Couple
Drawing Together
Woman getting ultrasound
Happy Family
Mother and Daughter
Women of Faith Ministries believes in women growing in the knowledge, wisdom and grace of our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus. We believe in empowering women to do ministry in the church by encouraging each other in our relationships, spiritual life, and spiritual gifts. We guide our women on how to live a life pleasing unto God. We work towards: 
  1. Moving in the guidance and the fellowship of the holy spirit
  2. How to be a devoted wive
  3. How to be a Mother to their children 
  4. How to be a care-taker in their community
  5. How to be a leader at work 
  6. How to be that godly woman who god our father created us to be through our saviour Christ Jesus and the filling of the holy spirit. 
Gather of the Saints
Read the word
Breaking down of the word

Presented by Sister  Nashalla Gibbs

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